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Village bell II Still life with the purple vase

The varied hues of myths and events in our lives absorbed consciously or unconsciously are subject matter of art. Growing up in India and Pakistan, amidst a sensorial cauldron of vivid hues one is overwhelmed by the colors of nature. Observering colors of sunset, rituals, crafts have always urged me to be celebrating a festival of colors on my canvas, where free use of colors help me to discover unusual surface techniques. Accompanied by simple objects from our everyday life, and set against a background of delicate textures there is a narrative that tantalizes the viewers imagination.

Emphasis is on the elusive quality of most basic element of art-line. Lines that meander, disappear, and emerge with great vitality. There are no preliminary sketches, or planning, only yielding to a deep force from within that takes me into a very meditative state, and a tranquility I have never experienced before. I simply wait for the unconscious mind to unlock its barriers and allow a glimpse into a realm never explored before.

Twilight musings

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"An artist can say many unspoken things through the colours of her paintings,” says Khalid, “just as a poet speaks through the words of his poetry. An artist is stimulated by the beauty of nature. I like interpreting it in my own way." Nargis Khalid
Chromatic Encounters
Nargis uses a combination of ink, acrylic, collage and water colours to paint her images of nature. What is different about her paintings is the spontaneity of it. There are no preconceived ideas, sketches or still life arrangements.
Sole of a musician
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