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Artist's Statement

Harmony with blue vasesMyths and events in our life form the perfect subject matter for art. The subconscious mind is a treasure house storing an entire vocabulary of our visual and other sensory experiences. The process of creativity provides stimulation for the subconscious to emerge, unfolding the treasures that are a combination of simple and complex forms.

I know of the excitement that grips me when I work with the sights and sounds of nature and the ecstasy in expression achieving intensified brilliance. The tempest of colors thrill me.

Amidst a brilliance of colors, I reduce forms to their utmost simplicity and then embellish them with vibrant colors and energize them further with implied textures enjoying their subtle nuances.

I like to use lines that are elusive, lines that meander, disappear and reappear tantalizing the viewers imagination.

My present work is a tribute to the achievements of a humble village potter. Feminine form and Pottery that is either functional or meant for some decorative purpose dominate the composition. Their simple forms stand amidst a brilliance of colors derived from nature, village craft, and village festivals in order to provide a glamorous setting.

Thus my journey into a world of chromozone begins. These chromatic encounters are preoccupation with surface intrigues thrills me. Now I can withdraw and meditate in this realm of colors before me.

I celebrate a festival of colors, and as long as I am working with colors I celebrate life.

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Nargis is strongly rooted in the sights, sounds and fragrances of her heritage, both natural and cultural, finding great delight through artistic expression in the language of this sensorial retrospective.

Artist's Statement


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